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WeatherSmart agriculture

The farming community worldwide need to produce more food as the world’s population is expected to reach 9 billion by 2040. All farmers large or small need to increase their current production to feed this population that is becoming more urbanised. Climate change is causing extreme weather and increased variability in rainfall and temperature impacting agriculture directly and making farmers more vulnerable to yield loss. To adapt to climate change, farmers need to become less dependent on weather condition and therefore need access to timely and reliable weather-related advisories that help them to decide when to take actions (e.g. when to plant, when to spray, when to irrigate).

Key challenges

Weather-related data is available ranging from manual observations, automatic weather stations, weather radars, satellite and weather forecast modelling output. However, these data sources are often not accessible to or understandable by the agricultural role-players and especially not to individual farmers. As a result, every year, for millions of farmers, crop production is unnecessarily limited due to the limited availability of essential weather data and agricultural advisories.

HydroNET weathersmart agriculture solutions:

assist farmers with day-to-day decision making by providing an online weather based agricultural advisory system that enriches weather and climate data with agricultural information and data together with local knowledge and models to generate real-time personalised advisories. HydroNET Agro solutions help farmers to make well-informed farm management decisions in order to:

  • optimise farm inputs
  • reduce weather and climate related risks
  • improve food production in a sustainable manner.

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