Intelligent solutions for climate resilient environments

With escalating impacts of climate change, water managers and communities need the right decision tools to protect one of the most precious resources – water – through periods of drought, heavy rainfall or other extreme events. The cloud-based HydroNET decision support platform currently provides the necessary digital tools for over 8,000 users across countries all over the world to anticipate extreme weather and water conditions and enable data-driven, transparent and accountable decisions. The HydroNET platform provides solutions for:

  • Data integration: connecting, processing and storage of hundreds of real-time spatio-temporal observed and modelled data for further analysis and exchange;
  • Water intelligence: generating added value and forecasts through the use of models, scripting engines, knowledge and operational rules.
  • Dissemination: configuration, visualization and dissemination of situational and personalised maps, charts, dashboards, reports and alerts for staff and stakeholders that reduce risks and inform decisions.


HydroNET in a nutshell

  • "HydroNET does not only help municipalities and water authorities by significantly reducing the time and cost burden of generating flood reports before, during and after a flood event. It also improves accessibility of relevant flood information for the public, making communities more flood aware and resilient. Just in October 2022, during the floodings in Victoria, Australia, over 5,000 people accessed the tool in one day. This reduced the load on the municipality, and helped the community to understand if their house was at risk."
    Brian Jackson, Water Technology, Australia

HydroNET benefits

  • Transforms mass amounts of data to readily available insights

  • Single point of access to all relevant observed and modelled weather and water data

  • Smarter and faster decisions

  • Timely, informed, and accountable actions and measures

  • Reduced damage thanks to early warnings, timely actions and measures

  • Cost-savings on monitoring, evaluation and infrastructure expenditures

  • Time savings and efficiency thanks to automated reporting and publication of data

  • Easy data and knowledge sharing for empowered stakeholder and community

  • Improved cross-border cooperation thanks to enhanced data, information and knowledge sharing

  • No IT hassle: secure, cloud-based software solution. No software installation required. Free updates and upgrades as part of your subscription.

  • Optimum asset and system performance

Award winning software

Winner Partners for Water award

Winner Dutch National ICT awards

Top 3 Dutch Innovation Awards