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From weather data to profitable solutions

Many countries in the world are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. The first step towards sustainable solutions, is providing easy access to actual, historical and forecasted weather information.

National Meteorological Organisations and other weather data providers often have a significant amount of weather-related data available, ranging from gauges, weather radars, satellite data, to numerical weather-forecast models. Due to resource and technology constraints these weather data sources are often not easily accessible for weather sensitive industries such as agro, energy, insurance and water.

HydroNET provides you the ultimate Weather Control Room solution which enables you to connect your weather data to the system and which allows you to easily share this data with users, free, paid or through subscription. HydroNET automatically processes, combines, validates, enriches and provides tools to easily share your weather data for internal and external use.

Join forces with us now and experience the following benefits:

  • Increased revenue from selling weather solutions
  • Increased client base and client confidence.
  • Improved backend processes through the use of smart tools.
  • Reduced repetitive manual work.
  • Increased quality of rainfall information.


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WeatherSmart Agro, Food & Energy applications in practice