Your Water Quality Control Room

Safe Water Quality for all uses

In many countries water quality problems are severe. Smart management of the quality of both surface water and ground water is of vital importance. For people, for plants and for animals.

Pollution is increasingly limiting the ability to make efficient use of the already scarce water resources and results in huge cost for crop losses, treating affected water, bringing in water for poor communities with trucks at high costs, health issues and ecological degradation.

The Water Quality Control Room is your preferred software to better assess, improve, and preserve the quality of water resources through greater insight. The Control Room:

  • gives access in real-time water quality data
  • identifies locations with water quality issues
  • identifies water quality impacts such as salinity risks
  • gives insight in main pollution sources within your catchment
  • prepares: sends out automatic water quality alerts in case of a pollution
  • Create awareness: generated automated water quality reports for staff and stakeholders


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Water quality management applications in practice