Your Urban Water Control Room

Water Resilient Cities are Smart Cities

Climate change forces cities worldwide to deal with flooding because of more frequent and intense rainfall.

As extreme weather increasingly becomes the new ‘normal’ the need for timely and location specific water management solutions becomes more significant. Making the right water management and emergency response decisions are central to making cities and communities more resilient to climate change and the impacts associated with extreme weather events.

The use of smart IT solutions that include easy access to ‘real-time’ weather, climate and water data and rapid automated analysis and reporting, is becoming more important.

The Urban Water Control Room allows you to analyse, monitor and forecast historical and current (flash) flood events. It helps you analyse the economic and hydrologic impact of measures to make your city more water and climate resilient. The HydroNET Water Control Room:

  • provides real-time access to the best available weather and climate data
  • calculates the severity and recurrence interval of real weather events
  • transforms live weather data into flash flood information
  • sends out alerts in case of a (flash) floods
  • gives real-time access to flood scenarios
  • gives insight into the effects of solutions to build understanding of the water system.


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