Your Drought Control Room

Smart decisions when every raindrop counts

Water scarcity is a structural condition in arid regions of the world. It can be further exacerbated by drought events which are aggravated by El Niño episodes.

Periods of water shortage affect all economic uses and environmental services of water resources. Every day, operational and strategic decisions have to be made to minimise the social, environmental and economic impact of drought events. HydroNET is a web-based decision support system that empowers you making informed decisions for the sustainable management of water resources when every raindrop counts.

Your Drought Control Room provides easy access to historical and current:

  • drought related information sources such as: rainfall, temperature, actual and potential evaporation, soil moisture, irrigation use, groundwater levels, dam volumes, river flows
  • status of drought indicators
  • information on (irrigated) water use and fields with over allocation
  • drought impact on water availability, water quality, salinity intrusion and ecosystem health


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HydroNET drought management solutions in practice