Vizier Emergency Control Room

Timely and accurate information about the water system and status of emergency management procedures is crucial before, during and after flood-related disasters. The VIZIER Emergency Control Room supports water managers in the Netherlands to prepare for, upscale, monitor and evaluate flood events. The goal of VIZIER is to support operational water management during regular and extreme circumstances (calamities/emergencies), such as high river flows and storm surge from the sea, by informing and alerting users based on real-time water system information (measurements and forecasts of water levels) enhanced by advanced algorithms and by managing the required follow-up of these triggers (in measures and actions).

VIZIER dashboard HydroNET

HydroNET Solution

Since 2015, HydroLogic has supported the waterboards of Rivierenland and Aa en Maas before, during and after flood events. In collaboration with these water boards and Axxerion, the VIZIER Emergency Water Control Room has been implemented with the HydroNET platform. VIZIER continuously evaluates the current and forecasted status of critical water system objects (e.g. dams, flood barriers), locations, organisations as defined in the emergency plans based on real-time data (measurements) and models (forecasts), enhanced by complex algorithms and/or knowledge rules. If a (forecasted) status exceeds specified thresholds, an advisory and alert is delivered to the emergency management system (Axxerion) and the right action lists are sent to the right staff members. HydroNET: