Flood Risk Intelligence Portal

The Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA) is the regional floodplain management authority within the Goulburn and Broken Catchments in Victoria. A key role of the GBCMA is to find out how far floodwaters are likely to extend and how high they are likely to rise. Flood Impacts in the area are significant, resulting in road closures, loss of access for residents, disruption to schools, property isolation, risks to emergency personnel during sand bagging and evacuation operations and damage to buildings constructed below flood level. Councils also have a responsibility to consider any land subject to flooding in their planning, zoning and development approvals and work with the CMA in this regard. GBCMA and a group of councils wanted to provide property specific flood information to property owners, developers and other interested stakeholders. This fit-for purpose sharing of flood risk information with communities is paramount to improved flood resilience. The sharing of flood risk information is thus an important pathway to create better flood resilient communities.

HydroNET solution

To help meet this responsibility GBCAM and several Councils have co-funded the development of this Community Flood Intelligence Portal. This web portal provides easy access to the latest available flood inundation maps and property specific flood risk reports.

Features of the Flood risk intelligence Portal include:

The portal links to the official VicMap property and address data at source and generates the property reports on-the-fly at the time the report is requested. This ensures that the latest available property and flood information is used, keeping it up to date into the future.