HERMANA Water Control Room in Colombia

HERMANA launch for sustainable water management in Colombia

On 10 July 2019, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CVC) in Colombia launched HERMANA, a decision-support platform promoting sustainable water management in the region, in collaboration with Deltares, FutureWater, Dutch Water Authorities and HydroLogic.

Launching HERMANA in Colombia

Launching HERMANA in Colombia


The Valle del Cauca is situated in the west of Colombia and is the country’s third-largest economy. Sugar cane is an important source of income for the region. However, this crop is heavily reliant on water and, with demand for surface water and groundwater under strain, the challenge for CVC is to ensure the available water is optimally shared among all users. For example by managing water resources as smartly as possible and issuing and monitoring permits for water use. CVC also produces daily and monthly reports on water needs and availability, and communicates this information to stakeholders in the area.

Decision-support system for integrated water management

To manage the water resources as effectively as possible, CVC needed a single, integrated decision-support system providing online access to all the relevant information on ground and surface water (quantity and quality), meteorology and so on. HERMANA (meaning sister in Spanish) is an abbreviation for HERramienta para el MANejo integral del Agua or, in other words, a decision-support system for integrated water management. It provides (1) insight into current and forecast demand for and availability of water, and (2) overviews and advice via dashboards, reports and alerts. Thanks to HERMANA, CVC can take the right decisions, explain and reproduce them so as to promote sustainable, open and transparent management of its water resources.

HERMANA information chain

During the first step of the HERMANA implementation, the Dutch Water Authorities and Deltares worked together with CVC to identify the various decision-making processes and related need for information. After this participatory process, the HERMANA platform was implemented by smartly connecting the following 3 existing products:

  • The Delft-FEWS Colombia system, which provides access to all relevant weather and water information, models and forecasts from CVC and IDEAM (Colombia’s national hydrology and meteorology service);
  • FutureWater’s InfoSequía tool, which provides satellite information-based drought indicators for the entire area;
  • HydroLogic’s HydroNET system, which combines the information from InfoSequía and Delft-FEWS Colombia with local knowledge and data from CVC and generates personalised online dashboards and reports tailored to CVC’s information needs. Examples include a dashboard showing the water available for the city of Cali, flood forecasts for the River Cauca and a drought dashboard for the CVC area.

Example of an HERMANA dashboard


This information and partner chain approach ensures that the capability of each system and partner can be optimally used. The result is a cost-effective and scalable solution that can also be applied in the rest of Colombia and beyond.


HERMANA is just one of the success stories of WaterCONNECT, a Deltares and HydroLogic initiative focusing on collaboration in a ‘golden triangle’ (knowledge institutes, public and private organisations). By combining forces the WaterCONNECT consortium is helping water managers around the world to set up online, integrated decision-support systems. For more information, see:

HERMANA is the result of a ‘Partners for Water’ grant from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and an investment by CVC and contributions from Deltares, HydroLogic, FutureWater and the Dutch Water Authorities.

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The operational testing and implementation of InfoSequía into HERMANA has been partially funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under grant agreement No. 700699.


Weather Forecast

The Weather Forecast application can be used to show worldwide and/or local weather forecast data when connected to HydroNET. It allows easy online access to the weather forecast incorporated into an interactive geographical map.

Precipitation forecast for any location

The precipitation forecast will be provided for any location in the country. Just click on the map, and the forecast will be presented in a graph. Use the interactive dashboard to know what is coming. Select the locations and the dashboard gives an overview of the most recent weather information on every rain storm.


  • Access to weather forecasts per grid/average per polygon on an interactive map
  • See what is coming via the forecast animation
  • Interactive dashboard: access to the latest forecasts for any location
  • Export time series to run your models
  • Export time series chart to images (PNG, SVG, JPEG) or an Excel file (CSV)


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Weather Stations

The Weather Stations application allows direct access to current and historical time series from automatic weather stations. You can access this data from behind your desk. The application automatically collects large amounts of gauge data and makes it accessible via internet. Just select the period, the stations and variables you are interested in. Press the button and you will automatically receive the requested information as a graph, picture or in an Excel file.

Get insight into the spatial variation of rainfall events

With the interactive dashboard, the latest information (last day, last week, last month, last year) from the selected gauges will be presented. It is also possible to present more gauges in one graph to get insight into the spatial variation.


  • Selection of period
  • Selection of station(s)
  • Selection of variables
  • Interactive dashboard: compare rain gauges and presentation of real-time data.
  • Download time series for any gauge
  • Export time series charts to images (PNG, SVG, JPEG) or an Excel file (CSV).

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The HydroNET RainMap application allows online access to historical and current rainfall information for any location, also between the gauges. The application automatically:

  • collects and stores large amount of rainfall data from radars, satellites, numerical weather prediction models and automatic weather stations in real-time
  • combines the different rainfall sources into a “best available” gridded rainfall product
  • makes historical and actual precipitation data easily accessible via the web browser (no software installation needed).

Rainfall information from radars, satellites, models and gauges

Select a period and the RainMap provides the best available precipitation information per pixel or per area. Via an interactive geographical map the requested precipitation sum (map) and precipitation intensity per time step (graph) can be presented per pixel or area.


  • Upload tool which allows you to upload shapefiles which will become available in the RainMap application
  • Download tool which allows you to download long precipitation time series per pixel or per area in different well-known formats (e.g. CSV).
  • Personalised Dashboard: determine what information you want to see in order to make reliable decisions.

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