Your Water Control Room

Connect + View + Watch + Alert + Report

Providing water professionals with the right information and knowledge at the right time to empower them making well-informed and defensible decisions. That is what we aim for.

HydroNET consists of a set of generic applications used by over 2500 professionals worldwide. Our local partners connect local data sources to HydroNET and configure and optimise the applications to meet your needs and requirements. This way our international software can provide effective solutions for local water challenges.

HydroNET provides solutions for water resources management, flood management, drought management, water quality management and urban water management. They transform data into personalised decision support dashboards and reports.

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Secure, flexible and scalable 

Securely connect relevant hydrological or meteorological databases to HydroNET via our Data Web Service (DWS). We believe that data should be kept as closely as possible to the source, where local expert knowledge of the value of the data, its validation and possible correction can be done in the most efficient way. To keep the data at the source and prevent duplication of data, HydroNET preferably connects to open web service provided by the data sources.


Multiple sources, brought together

View, combine and analyse archived and operational data sets which are connected to HydroNET. HydroVIEW can present data from different sources in one map or graph: for example the waterquality from one database compared with water levels from another database. Export HydroVIEW graphs or maps to the Water Control Room where they are automatically updated.



Keep an eye on your water system

Configure thresholds and smart algorithms to add value to all data sources which are connected to HydroNET. Automatically monitor the status of these data sources via traffic light coloured thematic maps and graphs. Export the HydroWatch graphs and maps to the Water Control Room where they will be automatically updated with the latest information.


Water system update reports in seconds

Configure your water system report template in Word with content from your Water Control Room. Open the report template and, images will be automatically updated with the latest information. Automatically share selected content from your Water Control Room with internal and external by publishing it on a webpage.



Timely alerts. Reduced impact

Configure alert levels and automatically send out alerts online, by email or SMS to warn the people who need to take actions and reduce impact. HydroAlert continuously monitors HydroWatch themes, automatically triggers an alert in case pre-defined threshold are exceeded and facilitates the messaging service that sends out tailored alerts to predefined stakeholders.



Configure user access permissions and security roles (administrator, editor, viewer), so the right information and tools are made accessible to the right stakeholders. HydroNET automatically logs all actions performed so that you are always in control of the users of your data and systems.



A live snapshot of your water system

Build your Water Control Room via the drag and drops principle with intuitive maps and graphs from HydroNET applications or external sources for a live snapshot of your water system. Access your Water Control Room via your PC, tablet or Smartphone anytime, anywhere and take timely and well-informed decisions.