Grape Compass

Reliable fungal disease forecast for vineyards

Fungal diseases are common in mono culture grape growing areas in Mediterranean climates, such as the Western Cape in South Africa.

To gain control over grape production, both in terms of volume and quality, viticulturists are bound to use fungicides as a preventive measure. A relatively expensive measure.

Signalling for grapevine diseases will contribute to more efficient spraying schemes by grape growers saving costs of labour and the environment.

Save costs of fungicides, labour and the environment

Together with several high-profile wineries in the Western Cape and WineJob we have developed the Grape Compass: an online decision support system for viticulturists that provides reliable forecasts of fungal disease pressure risks in vineyards including:

Grape Compass contributes to more efficient spraying programmes saving costs of fungicides, labour and the environment.

ECMWF data for signalling fungi disease pressures

For signalling location-specific fungi disease pressures, weather data is implemented from ECMWF. This weather forecast information is used to signal disease pressures on a single vineyard basis.

Grape Compass available in HydroNET

The Grape Compass is operational in Hydronet and visualises the three fungal disease pressures in vineyards on a 6-hours interval, up to 5 days ahead. Grape growers have access to this on-line dashboard by use of a web browser.