Flood and Rain Report Generator

Water managers have a difficult task and require improved information regarding rainfall and streamflow to manage flood and rain events as they unfold allowing them more time to make good decisions. Currently, it takes water managers or insurance companies a lot of time and effort to collect the required information during and after an event.

Information is sparse in many areas of Australia, and what information is available is not readily available to most people.

The Report Generator automatically collects the best and latest available rainfall and flood data from crowd sourcing, gauges, radars and satellites. The report  generator  smartly  combines  available data from BoM, state government and other data sources and translates this data into easy to understand and rainfall and flood maps. It automatically generates uniform documents containing all required information to support flood analysis.

You can easily configure your own report templates in Word which will be automatically filled with the most recent information when opening the document. You can manipulate or add components after the automatically generated items have been produced. This way, you have maximum flexibility.