Partnership between HydroNET and Esri established

In February 2018 HydroLogic has established a partnership with Esri in the Netherlands. Hydrologic’s product HydroNET is a multiple award winning web-based decision support system which transfers weather and water data into sophisticated applications and dashboards. For this purpose, HydroNET also integrates with ArcGIS of Esri. 

Both parties already work closely together for a longer period, in order to provide water managers with the information they need to make the right operational and strategic water management decisions. This is a good match, because HydroNET and Esri both share the passion to contribute to a better environment with their staff and software solutions.

Sander Loos, product manager HydroNET: “Thanks to the connection with ArcGIS, the visualisation of information from HydroNET has reached a new dimension. HydroNET translates terabytes to radar data, satellites, ground measurements, databases and other sources via smart algorithms to customised decision support information for the water manager. The information from HydroNET can now be visualised via ArcGIS-webmaps and StoryMaps. This information gives the water manager, operational manager and public an improved understanding of the current and forecasted situation of the water system, so they can better prepare themselves to extreme situations.”

Example of an ESRI StoryMap for Waterboard Aa en Maas in the Netherlands. This StoryMap shows the operational status of the water system (source: HydroNET) on a public web portal. Source: website Waterboard Aa en Maas

Jort Engels, partner manager Esri Netherlands is enthusiastic about the partnership: “This connection makes it possible to present water information from HydroNET in the entire ArcGIS-platform, which makes the added value water information easily accessible for the entire organisation and their stakeholders. The partnership is the next logical step in the already successful and proven cooperation. Thanks to this partnership we can further extent our cooperation, in order to better support water managers worldwide.