HydroNET LIVE 2018: Demonstration of international cases studies on Smart Water Management

On the 13th of September 2018, the second edition of the biennial HydroNET LIVE event took place. Over 150 water managers from South Africa, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands came together to share knowledge and experiences about the theme of the event ‘Smart water management without borders’.

During HydroNET LIVE many interesting case studies on smart water management solutions were presented during plenary sessions and masterclasses. Two masterclasses focussed on “Showcases of Dutch and international HydroNET implementations to support smart water management’. Twelve case studies from the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and Germany were demonstrated by HydroNET users.

Brian Jackson, HydroNET reseller in Australia, showed the success stories of several HydroNET implementations in Australia. One of these implementations is The Flood Report Portal, developed for the Great Shepparton Council. The Flood Report Portal enables the public to view flood maps and download the latest property specific flood information.

Besides of the HydroNET implementations in Australia, case studies related to the nexus agriculture, water and energy were presented during the masterclasses:

  • Sue Walker of the Agricultural Research Council (South Africa) gave a live demonstration of the AgriCloud application: a smart phone application that provide small scale farmers with local planting and spraying advisories.
  • Michelle Hartslief of the South African Weather Service demonstrated the usage of the RainWatch applications for the energy sector.http://www.rain4africa.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/R4A-Flyer-01-Farmers.pdf
  • Tendai Sawunyama of the Inkomati Usuthu Catchment Management Agency explained how the HydroNET Water Control Room supports transboundary cooperation between South Africa, Swaziland and Mozambique.

Sharing information with internal and external stakeholders is another “border to cross”. Several users presented their experiences with sharing water related information with stakeholders via HydroNET ESRI Storymaps.

Watch the pictures of HydroNET LIVE 2018 here.

The next edition of HydroNET LIVE will take place on September 10th 2020 (Amersfoort, The Netherlands).