HERMANA launch for sustainable water management in Colombia

On 10 July 2019, the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Valle del Cauca (CVC) in Colombia launched HERMANA, a decision-support platform promoting sustainable water management in the region, in collaboration with Deltares, FutureWater, Dutch Water Authorities and HydroLogic.

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Department of Water and Sanitation launches HydroNET for all South African Water Management Areas

The South African Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) recently launched the HydroNET Water Control Room at a festive ceremony in Pretoria. All nine of the country’s Water Management Areas now have access to the weather and water information they need to make weather-ready and climate-smart decisions for sustainably managing precious water resources.

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Deltares and HydroLogic launch WaterCONNECT initiative

The Dutch knowledge institute Deltares and hydroinformatics company HydroLogic have signed an agreement to launch the WaterCONNECT initiative. Within WaterCONNECT private, public and research organisations work together to provide an integrated, online solution to help improve the water management decision-making. Read more ›

Partnership between HydroNET and Esri established

In February 2018 HydroLogic has established a partnership with Esri in the Netherlands. Hydrologic’s product HydroNET is a multiple award winning web-based decision support system which transfers weather and water data into sophisticated applications and dashboards. For this purpose, HydroNET also integrates with ArcGIS of Esri.  Read more ›

Successful migration HydroNET Server environment

During the weekend of 7 October 2017, the migration of the HydroNET Server environment was successfully executed. The infrastructure is migrated to a new hosting environment managed by a specialized company. The migration is part of the ongoing professionalisation of HydroNET.

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HydroNET wins prestigious award for co-created water and climate services

How the Water Control Room provides an ICT solution for South African water challenges

Over 80 projects funded by the Dutch ‘Partners for Water’ programme competed for the prestigious ‘best project’ award. The project ‘Demonstration of the HydroNET Water Control Room for South Africa’ has won. The jury explained: “This consortium provided a measurable contribution to solving world-water problems”.

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Webinar: Radar Rainfall Calibration

This webinar provided background to how the Bureau of Meteorology is using radar rainfall data, what radar products they have available and how the HydroNET platform can be used to access calibrated radar rainfall data.

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The digital revolution in the battle against climate change

During the past 800 years the Dutch have gradually managed to control the water. An unprecedented change in water management is inevitable considering today’s impact of climate change. In the past we built, dikes, wind mills and pumping stations; the next step in water management is a digital one. Read more ›