About us


Climate change and a fast-growing population in cities forces water professionals to deal more often with excessive rainfall, (flash)floods, water quality issues, longer periods of drought and rising sea levels. Easy access to the right information is essential in reducing impacts and risks before, during and after events. HydroNET is web-based decision support system that currently empowers over 4000 water and weather professionals with an integrated online water management solution. HydroNET combines weather & water data with models and knowledge to generate personalised overviews, forecasts and warnings tailored to the need of the clients and stakeholders. With this system water professionals can take well-informed, transparent and accountable decisions for managing water resources and for sharing relevant information with stakeholders and partners. This way HydroNET contributes to water-safe environments with sufficient clean water for all.


HydroLogic, founded in 2000, is a new-generation water-management company from the Netherlands, which works internationally in 12 countries. HydroLogic believes that many of the current water problems resulting from climate change and urbanisation can be solved by innovative information and communication technologies (ICT). The mission of HydroLogic is to empower water managers by providing easy access to reliable data, simulation models, user-friendly software and in-depth water knowledge.


Arcadis is the world’s leading company delivering sustainable design, engineering, and consultancy solutions for natural and built assets. With more more than 29,000 people, in over 70 countries, Arcadis is dedicated to improving quality of life.