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HydroNET – enabling impactful water management decisions

Climate change and a fast-growing population in cities forces water managers to deal more often with excessive rainfall, flooding, water pollution, eco system losses and longer periods of drought. Easy access to the right information is essential in reducing impacts and risks before, during and after events. HydroNET is a cloud-based decision support system that helps water managers to better anticipate to extreme weather conditions by enabling data-driven impactful and accountable water management decisions and for sharing relevant information with staff and stakeholders. HydroNET brings together all relevant data sources, creates water intelligence through data science and modelling and generates dashboards, automated reports and personal alerts tailored to the need of staff and stakeholders. This way HydroNET contributes to water-safe environments with sufficient and clean water for all.

How water professionals use HydroNET

  • "Open and scalable IT solution: ready for the future!"
  • "From generic services to customized solutions with real impact."
  • "Working together in partnerships: connecting data, knowledge and people."

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  • Federal and state departments

  • Regional Water Authorities

  • National Weather Services

  • Knowledge institutes

  • Urban Water Utilities

  • Municipalities and cities