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Climate change poses unprecedented challenges for water managers. Many urban, agricultural and nature areas are at risk from the impact of flooding and water shortages. HydroNET supports water management professionals in better anticipating these extreme conditions and enables them to make well informed, transparent and accountable decisions for managing water resources and for sharing relevant information with stakeholders and partners. This way HydroNET contributes to water-safe environments with sufficient and clean water for all. HydroNET: the best possible water management decision.

How water professionals use HydroNET

  • "Open and scalable IT solution: ready for the future!"
  • "From generic services to customized solutions with real impact."
  • "Working together in partnerships: connecting data, knowledge and people."

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Your customized solution configured in just 3 steps

STEP 1: Design your solution

Identify the information need of staff and stakeholders based on relevant decision making processes. How should your dashboard, report, storymap or alert look like to make the best possible water management decision?

STEP 2: Connect data, models & knowledge

Establish live connections with relevant data sources. Apply models, scripts and knowledge rules to enhance datasets and to generate tailored decision support information.

STEP 3: Configure your advisory services

Use the HydroNET tools to present the enhanced decision support information in personalized maps, charts, dashboards, reports, presentations, website, applications and alerts. Share the results.

Leading organisations trust HydroNET

  • Federal and state departments

  • Regional Water Authorities

  • National Weather Services

  • Knowledge institutes

  • Urban Water Utilities

  • Municipalities and cities

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